New House Extension in South Gloucestershire

On Christmas Eve, I was invited back to see a completed new extension, which I designed and obtained planning and building regulations permissions for,  at a house in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.
The project was unusual in that the house was only completed in 2010. The owners felt that the kitchen and dining room area could benefit from being more spacious. I was briefed to create a larger kitchen/dining and family space with an additional bedroom upstairs, if possible. The site had a steeply sloping rear garden, so building there was not desirable. The house had a large double detached garage, which was under-utilised, so it was decided that part of this space could be replaced by a sizable side extension.
The extension has now been completed and the result is a beautiful, airy kitchen and family area, a larger family bathroom upstairs and a whole new bedroom. The builder achieved an excellent finish, and the extension matches seamlessly with the original building.

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