Interior Design Consultations

For most people, a complete Interior Design service can be an expensive, and perhaps a little overwhelming, experience. Lots of people just want some simple and straightforward guidance, and some pointers toward putting a tasteful and beautiful scheme together themselves.

When Penny contacted me, she had just bought a cottage, which had previously been extended and altered, and which was very tired, decoratively. She wanted some advice about what choices to make, and how to make this beautiful but run down cottage feel like a warm and comfortable home.

I paid Penny a visit, and we walked around the cottage and discussed how her family might use the spaces, how the existing arrangements worked and did not work, how to work around low ceilings and small windows and how to tie the different areas of the house together to make a cohesive interior design scheme.

I also put together some general plans highlighting items which could be changed & improved, and some mood boards giving guidance on choosing fixtures, fittings, colours and soft furnishings, in order to create a beautiful scheme, enhancing the features of the cottage.

Penny recently emailed me, to show me some photos of progress so far. She’s putting the scheme together herself, using the mood boards and designs I gave her as a reference point. The rooms are already looking much, much better- lighter and brighter and showing off the beautiful old structure.

Penny says  “I found working with Alex to be a great experience. She was able to look at the property we were moving into and see the potential. All her suggestions made it clear that she has a great eye for making the best of the good features and downplaying the not so good. What we really loved was how practical her suggestions were. No flights of fancy, just superb advice that was exactly what we wanted. Now we have a plan that we can work to with confidence knowing that the final result will be right for us and right for the house.”

I have a straight forward and sensible approach to interior design. I think the high street is a great place to source products, but have also worked with curtain makers, upholsterers, photographers, lighting designers and other professionals to create bespoke schemes where appropriate. If you would like some Interior Design guidance, from a fully detailed and sourced scheme, to a consultation to get some advice and ideas, do get in touch.

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