New Street Vets, Hemyock

On the way to a family holiday in Devon this week, we took a brief detour to visit New Street Vets in Hemyock. Last year I sought planning permission for their new premises and designed the internal layouts. The new premises was in a light industrial unit in the town, and required a change of use, and advertising consent for the new signage externally. The building is in a flood risk area, so flood risk assessments and mitigations were also carried out.


The practice is now in a well proportioned  and super functional building, and offers high quality veterinary care to the pets of Hemyock, in an affordable and practical location. The building is never going to win any beauty contests, its a light industrial unit after all, but when considering a commercial premises, priorities can differ and the internal space, allocated parking and great location were always going to win out over external beauty.

If you are a business owner, and want to find premises, or move premises, get in touch. Alexandra Cork Home Designs (slightly mis-leading name in this case!) can help you find the right building, seek the relevant permissions, and put your business into place!



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