Rear Extension- Winterbourne


When the owners of this house in South Gloucestershire bought it, it had an existing conservatory to the rear. Conservatories have their place, but they also have their downfalls- even the most modern are prone to extremes of heat gain and loss, often limiting their use to the temperate months of spring and autumn. Due to their heat loss and gain, they usually have to be kept separate from the rest of the property, limiting their ability to integrate with the main property and creating a less well flowing layout. Such was the case here, the conservatory wasn’t well used, and the owners decided to replace it with a one storey rear extension, which would help with a reconfiguration of the ground floor, creating a much more freeflowing layout, with a much larger kitchen and dining area.


We designed a new extension to the rear, which would house a large kitchen diner, and subdivided the existing living/dining room (which itself had been opened up at some point in the past), to help make a cosier and better proportioned living room.

The owners decided that the area which had housed the kitchen would become additional hallway space. This was a brave decision- most people would feel this space had to ‘work’ a bit harder- but the effect is amazing, creating a large, airy, spacious hallway, which really gives a sense of luxury. As a busy family, with a big pet dog, this area is also more useful than it would at first appear, having plenty of circulation space can never be under valued.

Planning and Building Regulation applications went through with no issues, and work has been carried out through the winter months. The new extension is only slightly bigger than the original conservatory, so little garden space has been lost, but a big difference has been made to the house, which is now feels much larger.

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