Garage Conversion & Kitchen Refurbishment, Portishead

Mr & Mrs Santry, who I worked for last year, were kind enough to send me some photos and an update on their project at their home in Portishead, this week. The project included removing a wall between the existing kitchen and dining area, to create a larger and more open plan kitchen space, and a conversion of their existing garage to create a playroom/guest room. In addition, their utility, badly laid converted and laid out by a previous owner, was refurbished and upgraded.

I wish I could take credit for the beautiful interior design, especially that in the kitchen and utility, which I think would not look out of place in an interiors magazine- that was all Mrs Santry’s work. Planning permission was not required for this project (though, in some cases work of this nature would require planning), so I helped design the basic layout, and sought building control approval for the work. The front of the garage is retained for storage- a popular option now- and the playroom is illuminated with a large roof window.

This project is another example of how to generate extra floor space and an improved layout without needing to build an extension, making it a quicker, simpler, less disruptive, and crucially, cheaper experience.

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