Cabin-style extension


I was able to go and visit some lovely customers of mine who I started working for in 2014. Having re-located from the South East, they bought this house just outside Thornbury,  we began designing an extension to the rear, and I gained planning permission for the scheme.

The extension houses a newly extended kitchen, dining space, utility area and WC, as well as a side access route. The owners self built much of the extension, and have done a fantastic job. They opted for Marley Eternit Cedralboard cladding, which has an appearance like painted timber, but is durable and requires much less ongoing maintenance. The finish looks brilliant, and is a welcome alternative to using render or brickwork.

The owners also embraced the popular and budget reducing move towards having exposed electrical trunking, and have put created a freeform kitchen from moveable kitchen units. This really frees up the space, and means it can be temporarily or permanently reconfigured, added to or reduced.

They also created a gabion wall to provide a boundary between their parking way, and to shelter the external decking space, and this looked really fantastic. The local, warm stone has been painstakingly arranged in the baskets, and the result is very contemporary, but not out of place in a rural setting.



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