Refurbishing an existing extension



Every extension echoes the owner’s preferences and needs, but when that home is sold, the layout may not suit the new owner. The owner of this house in Downend, inherited a single storey rear extension, which provided a large utility space and WC, but this layout cut off light and circulation to the garden. I was engaged earlier this year to re-think and re-design that layout. The owner was open to the idea of extending more, but when we considered the space available, and what could be achieved with a re-think, we quickly realised it wasn’t required.

We fitted a new WC underneath the existing (and largely wasted) staircase, and opened up the original rear wall of the house, so that the existing extension became more integrated with the main spaces. The supporting wall between the existing dining and kitchen was also removed, and a large open plan kitchen/dining/seating space was created, with bi fold doors to the garden, and a new roof lights into the one storey area. A new, more efficient, utility space was also installed.

The result proves you can re-think your existing spaces and create something new, without having to go to the expense of an extension. This project didn’t require planning permission, so ACHD designed and sought Building regulations consent for the work.

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