Stained Glass Extension


This extension comes with a lovely story! The owner of this house in Thornbury, Mrs Cason,  a life long resident of the town- wanted to create a relaxed, garden room extension,  in no small part, in order to display this wonderful piece of family history. Her father created this beautiful piece of stained glass, and for many years it was displayed in The Windbound Inn, in nearby Shepperdine, right on the banks of the River Severn.



The Windbound Inn, in better days

The pub- which I remember visiting many times as a child- closed in 2004, and after some years as a residential home, fell into disuse. In 2014 the site was bought by the nuclear power company Horizon and the Windbound was scheduled for demolition. Mrs Cason, keen not to lose the stained glass art work, contacted the company who kindly agreed to allow her access and to help her remove the window. For some years it has sat in Mr & Mrs Cason’s garage, until it was finally time to build an extension, with the window as a centre piece. 

We created a gabled ended single storey room to the existing property, with large windows and french doors overlooking the lovely, established garden. The ceiling was left open to the rafters, creating a great sense of space and height. The stained glass window, skill-fully remounted into a frame, tops a piece of furniture, and is cleverly backlit, illuminating it to it’s best advantage. Either side, slot windows give another view of the gardens.

The extension has been beautifully furnished and decorated, and is a peaceful and versatile space to enjoy views of the garden and to admire this brilliant piece of family history.



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