Site Visit Guidance

Site Visits


During the visit I will need to measure the internal dimensions of rooms, positions of the windows and doors, and the height of the room. All measurements will be taken using a laser tape measure so there will be no/minimal contact.


There will also be a survey of the outside of the house after the internal visit, and the overall appointment will last approximately 30-60 minutes.


Before the visit please

  • Pull back curtains and blinds allowing easy access to measure the window
  • Pull back any furniture from windows to allow access to measure the dimensions
  • Open windows in each room and leave all internal doors open for the duration of the visit


During the visit

  • One person may remain in the room keeping a minimum distance of two metres, or please feel free to wait outside if you prefer
  • All other householders to wait outside of the property or remain in another room, vacating this room at the appropriate time if it also needs to be measured
  • If there are any questions at the end of the visit a discussion can take place in the garden or outside space


Protective clothing

  • Mask and gloves will be put on before entering the property and worn throughout
  • There will never be any back-to-back site visits so clean clothes will be worn at the property and changed immediately after


Other points

  • The visit can be postponed if anyone needs to self-isolate at this

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