Accessibility extension in Portishead

I first worked with the owners of this property in 2013 and created an extension which provided two ground floor bedrooms and a shared bathroom for their children, who both have limited mobility. The original post can be found here As their children have become teenagers, their needs have altered and it became necessary to provide larger bedrooms and individual bathrooms, with facilities suited to their needs as young adults.

This property is on a modern estate, and space to expand further was limited, so we had to be creative! The existing double garage was converted and a small extension was added to the front of it, along with a modest additional extension to the rear. The internal arrangement was altered considerably to create two large bedrooms, two adjoining large bathrooms, and to create an uncluttered, open living space, suitable for wheelchair access.

As the ground in this area isn’t suitable for standard foundations, so piled foundations were necessary, and after a 7 month build, the extension is complete. The external alterations, as viewed from the street, are very modest, but internally the modifications are huge, and the extension has made a considerable difference to the comfort and independence of the family. ACHD designed, sought planning and building regs approval for this project, and we again worked in conjunction with Wider Arcada engineering.

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