Lodge House, Bath

This project has been a bit of a slow burner, nearing completion after nearly 4 and half years. Building work was delayed by the pandemic and the owners have been incredibly patient, taking on plenty of the renovation works themselves.

This property, originally a lodge for a large estate nearby, was in great need of some care and attention. A beautiful and unusual Bath stone and timber cottage, with a steeply pitched roof and generous overhangs. A metal corrugated shed was attached the rear and formed the entrance to the small and cramped kitchen. The owners wanted to create a larger kitchen, diner and sitting space, which faced their generous garden, and an accessible ground floor guest bedroom and ensuite.

The details of the building, including the deep, large windows, called for an sensitive solution, which didn’t obscure the many features of the existing property, and had a low impact on the front of the house, which faces the road. A generous rear extension forms the new kitchen and dining space, knocked into what was originally a dining/sitting room. The original kitchen will soon be refurbished into a generous utility room.

The kitchen roof is an asymmetric design, ensuring lots of generous and dramatic height, and avoiding the feature first floor window. New windows echo the existing design.

Large rooflights pour light into the kitchen space, and the stonework, ridge tiles and window design all echo the original house. The owners have spent hours renovating the existing house- uncovering original bath stone walls, carefully and tediously using wire wool to clean them, laid their own patio, and decorated throughout. New bath stone fire surrounds have also been fitted.

A further side extension has provided has provided a guest bedroom and ensuite, creating a lovely private area for visitors to enjoy.

This unusual and fascinating house was a joy to work on, finding creative solutions to compliment the beautiful cottage, and the owner’s hard work and patience has been well worth it!

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