Lantern roof extension with hidden Utility

This lovely extension in Hanham, Bristol, was recently completed and its beautiful! The house had an original extension which housed separate kitchen and dining areas, which felt disconnected from the each other and the rest of the house, and the garden- which is at a lower level- was difficult to access via a side door and steep uneven steps.

We designed a new single storey extension and knocked through to the original dining area to create one big open plan space- a beautiful kitchen has been fitted with an expansive family area overlooking the garden. A small home office area has been incorporated to this space, along with wide french doors which lead to generous steps- improving access and flow to the outdoor dining and play areas.

Two big flat roof windows in the ceiling pour light, view and openness into the extension. But call me boring- one of the best bits of this extension is the secret hidden utility cupboard

I just love an efficient and hard working space- and this works so well- washing machine and tumble dryer hidden in a proper solid cupboard, with shelving and a great space to hide all those unsightly but essential household appliances- when the doors are closed it all disappears and take up the bare minimum space. If you don’t have space for a full utility or don’t want one- this option is well worth consideration.

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