Free Initial Consultations

Just a reminder- Alexandra Cork Home Designs offer free initial consultations.

This consultation is really valuable as an opportunity for us to meet and it gives me a chance to see your house in person, along with the surrounding area, so we can discuss in more detail what you want to change about your home. Some people have very specific ideas, others just feel that the current house isn’t working- with 15+yrs of residential design experience and a background in Interior design and architecture- I can help identify areas for improvement, suggest potential solutions and start to refine your ideas during this initial meeting. I can also give you an overview of whether you may or may not require planning, building regulations and drain build over permissions and what each of these require.

There’s absolutely no obligation to go any further- though I’d love to work with you if you do! If an initial consultation is of interest to you, please drop me a line – and I’d be delighted to book you into my diary!

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