Focus On: Garage Conversions

Let’s face it, the vast majority of people don’t store their cars in their garages anymore- cars have got bigger, their use more frequent- and its too much hassle to store a car in an undersized garage. Garages can provide valuable storage or workshop areas, but all too often they become a dumping ground for things we don’t want to look at- a huge walk in cupboard of clutter.

Alternatively, garages can be converted into really valuable home spaces- and have a huge number of advantages- the work is usually much quicker, less messy (no digging!), and considerably cheaper- than building the equivalent sized extension.

Industry figures suggest the average garage conversion can be as much as 70% cheaper than a new extension, and can add up to 20% onto the value of your existing property.

In further good news- in many situations- garage conversions do not require planning permission and can be converted under Permitted Development rights, which speeds up and further reduces cost.

If you’re concerned about losing storage capacity, a popular option retains a proportion of the existing garage- enough for the true essentials- bikes, lawn mowers and a bit of DIY equipment- with access to the front.

Popular garage conversion projects create utilities, ground floor WCs, home offices, occasional guest rooms, play rooms, dining rooms, or when knocked through to the existing house- can help enlarge kitchens and living rooms without any new build space.

Alexandra Cork Home Designs have helped design many garage conversion projects- if you want to discuss turning your garage of doom into a sparkly new kitchen, utility, play room or home office- get in touch- we’d love to help.

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