Victorian infill extension

On a lovely day earlier this week I was invited back to see this completed extension in Horfield. This classic Victorian terrace had an L shaped floorplan- living room to the front with dining behind, then a small, dark and cramped kitchen and ground floor bathroom in the ‘outrigger’. This is the typical arrangement for houses of this age, kitchens weren’t valued as a social area to be shown off. The bathroom on the ground floor was impractical for family life, and the house lacked access and views to the garden.

The house had a wide side return area which is also typical for houses of the age- which is often dark and difficult to utilise.

The new extension utilises this area, building an extension into the side return, and extending another 1.5m beyond the original end of the house, increasing the footprint of the house by approximately 40% without losing much usable garden area.

Internally the kitchen and diner were opened up with steels to create a large open plan area. To the rear a beautiful U shaped kitchen has been fitted, with a dining area and a large seating space facing the garden.

The lean to roof profile allows for rooflights to the rear and to the side, which pour light into the previously dark rear of the house, and large format sliding doors give views and access to the garden. To my delight, the owners opted to keep their steels revealed, rather than boxed in, which called for intumescent (flame retardant) paint to protect them- I’m reliably informed this paint was a nightmare to apply- but the result looks fantastic- and suits their industrial aesthetic so well. A cast concrete worktop emphasises this look- the patina and depth of this material looks ideal in the space.

The owners have a great sense of style and their extension didn’t disappoint- its a warm, open and full of well chosen finishes, fittings and furniture, with artwork and ornaments reflecting their personalities and artistic backgrounds.

I’m a sucker for the practical details and so I’ll finish with these- a cute little pantry tucked under the stairs, and a super practical utility cupboard- housing washing machine, tumble drier, drying rack, storage and coats!

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