Focus On: Porches

I strongly believe in adding space where it’s really needed- a few square metres at a critical pinch point in your house can mean more than adding 30 sq m of under utilised and badly positioned new space elsewhere. One of the most frequent complaints I hear from home owners is about the entrance to their homes- its too tight, too cramped, there’s no where for shoes and coats and bags (kids are particularly prone to abandoning their belongings all over the hallway!). Adding a porch- just a few square metres- can solve this- adding crucial space and storage at the entrance to your home- which is after all- one of the most well used areas of your house.

A new porch can also give your house a facelift- a warm visual welcome from the outside, increasing the kerb appeal of your home, and in many cases they can help create room for a WC, or combined with a wrap around extension, increased space in adjacent rooms. Some people like to retain a secondary door between their porch and the rest of the house- great for added security and thermal insulation, but others like to extend their hallway into the porch- creating a grander entrance.

Porches can be permitted development- most houses can add 3 sq m to the front elevation without requiring planning permission. A small porch of this size is likely to cost ¬£9-10k (this is based on nationwide research taken in 2022, projects can vary), so whilst this can be quite costly when considered on a per square metre basis, it is what I term very ‘hard working’ space- it makes a clear and tangible difference to how you home acts, feels and appears to others.

If you have a porch project you’d like to discuss, we’d love to help!

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