Two storey extension, Thornbury

Back in 2013 I designed an extension to a house in Thornbury- and the intention always was to eventually build a two storey side extension, an idea which has finally come to fruition, after various pandemic related difficulties, including a nationwide shortage of building materials. This pretty 1930’s house is on a steeply tapered plot- much wider at the front than the back. The house had a shared garage structure which had been oddly altered by a previous owner. The house had three good sized bedrooms and one tiny bathroom- which was awkward to use.

The garage was removed and a large two storey extension added to the property. This extension provides a modern utility, shower room and a garage store on the ground floor, with two new bedrooms on the first floor- the bathroom relocated into the original third bedroom.

The house benefitted from a lovely staircase which has been further improved by opening up the landing space which leads to the extension- this beautiful double height space is airy and impressive, but also practical- part of the original bathroom has become super useful storage on the landing.

The utility is also very practical and well laid out- providing a secondary entrance, coat and shoe storage, pet space and laundry and cleaning provision. The garage provides storage and houses some gym equipment and is the sort of super practical arrangement most home require- plastering and painting it really improves the environment.

On the first floor a new bedroom for their daughter and an additional spare room/study space have been created in the extension, the bathroom has been relocated into a very generous and restful space.

The owner is a talented graphic designer and stylist, so I always knew this extension would look fabulous- the soft, textural tones used throughout really sing about what a comfortable, well organised and beautiful home this is. The extension maximises the plot, using all the spare space afforded by the tapering boundary, and it is now a modern 4 bedroom, 2 bath property.

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