Can’t build to the rear or side? Try a front extension!

It cannot be denied, that getting planning permission for an extension to the front of your property is more difficult than the rear or side. A lot of houses have some degree of permitted development rights, which allow for some rear and side extensions without formal planning permission being required, and if not, planning permission is usually fairly easy to gain. In some cases, the size or arrangement of a house might limit or prevent the building of a rear or side extension, so a development at the front is an option worth considering.

This was the case at this house in Little Stoke. The owners wanted to create a ground floor WC and small utility in one, and the front of the house was the only position which could accommodate an extension. We designed a small but carefully proportioned single storey extension, designed to look similar to a porch, making planning permission easier to gain. The front door was relocated to the side of the house, and a small roof was added to create an external porch.

The owners kindly provided a well documented collection of photos from through out the build-

If your house lacks a suitable space to the side or rear for an extension, the front might just be worth consideration!

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